Making the most out of your clothes

In a recent blogpost I wrote for The Naked Student, I chatted about how one of the most sustainable, cost effective ways to combat fast fashion is by literally wearing clothes you already own. I decided to put my money where my mouth is and have a go at styling some of my own clothes in completely different ways, seeing what new outfits I could recreate using all of my own existing clothes. I took inspiration from a few of my favourite brands and bloggers and went to work.

Contrary to popular belief, this outfit was not inspired by the American flag! But rather one of my biggest fashion inspirations blogger Megan Ellaby, and the brand Rixo, who are big advocates of clashing the most unusual patterns.

With this in mind, I paired two of the most patterned items of clothing together, my Ziggy top from Saturday by Megan Ellaby, and my Miss Selfridge jumpsuit. I think I got the clashing patterns down to a tee, and I felt it fitted well together as an ensemble, with the high neck contrasting with the low jumpsuit neckline. However, I’m not exactly sure how comfortable I would feel actually wearing this in public, maybe it’s because I don’t usually have much confidence to clash patterns as bold as this. Moving forward, I would probably pair this with a plain high neck top to get more wear out of the jumpsuit during the colder months.

This next look was inspired by Ganni’s recent collaboration with Levi’s. This particular collection is extremely sustainable, as it is rent only and 100% upcycyled. I put together a pair of Pepe mom jeans that I’ve had forever, with an ASOS dress that was kindly gifted to me a few years ago. I love the contrast of the denim and puffy sleeves here, I think both items compliment each other nicely. I’ve always found the ASOS dress a little too short, so tucking it into jeans has given it a new lease of life as a top. Definitely more of a summer outfit to show off the beautiful sleeves, but I could also see the outfit working in winter with an added leather jacket.

Finally, this last look was inspired by Motel Rocks, and late 90s grunge girlband vibes, aka animal prints galore. I found a snakeskin top originally bought from ISawItFirst, my Zara leopard print skirt, and an old leather jacket belonging to my mum. I really liked the length of the skirt with the length of the jacket, and how the tight fitted top contrasts with the floaty skirt. However, similarly to the first clothing experiment, I think I would feel more comfortable wearing a plainer top in the same style, rather than completely overloading the outfit with so much animal print. Less is definitely more!

I think the most successful look produced out of this little clothing try on was definitely outfit number two, inspired by Ganni X Levi’s. It really was fun experimenting with different looks and pairing items I wouldn’t usually put together, creating outfits that felt entirely new. I strongly urge you to do the same, have a try on session with clothes you already own and who knows what outfits you’ll discover! It’s the cheapest, most sustainable way to go moving forward! Be also sure to check out Oxfam’s second-hand September pledges that are happening this month.

Have you taken the pledge or created some new looks using existing clothes?

I hope you as much fun experimenting with your clothes as I did!

Claudia x

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